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About The Program:

In this program, you will learn actionable steps to obtain a domain, set up hosting, and launch your website securely. You will also receive a set of tools I use for all my client sites to secure, automate, and establish a foundation for a well-constructed and secure website.

Courses In The Program:

In the first course, students will launch a website in minutes rather than weeks or months.

Once a website is online it is essential to take steps to secure it from hackers.

In the next two courses, students will secure a site and automate repetitive tasks like updating your site and backing it up to the cloud of their choice.

These are all essential actionable, step-by-step lessons that can be performed with ZERO coding experience.

Course Add-Ons:

Each course contains lessons that are chock full of video, text, links, and downloads to help you on your journey.

With all of these tools and following along in the course, you can build and secure your own site FAST with no experience and no additional initial cost other than the cost of your domain name. If you decide to keep your site the only cost you’ll have to pay is hosting and that will be around $10 a month for most students after the free trial provided by Cloudways hosting.

Why Choose This Program:

Most programs out there are designed to help beginners build a beginner website. The steps in this program allow you to build a scalable website that is secured and compliant to do business. With this program, you can have a custom domain hosting your own custom-designed site in minutes and once your business is ready to grow you can easily scale your hosting and build out your website instead of having to find a new solution completely. 

Who This Program Is For:

This program is for anyone that wants to build a scalable website without spending tons of hours learning everything from the ground up. We recommend this program for a number of different "types" including:

  1. Business owners or their webmasters need a new website that can be well designed and secured while also not spending tons of money monthly on hosting or platforms like Wix or Squarespace.
  2. Website owners that have outgrown their current website platforms like Wix or Squarespace and need something that will grow with their needs.
  3. Students looking to learn how to build a website from scratch without running into issues and time consuming hurdles.

Courses in this Program:

Lessons in Launch A Website Today: Domain And Web Basics:

  1. 1 Course Introduction

  2. 2 Course Outline

  3. 3 Hosting Part 1

  4. 4 Hosting Part 2

  5. 5 Recommended Hosting Provider: Cloudways

  6. 6 Domains

  7. 7 Connect Domain To Host

  8. 8 Configure SSL Certificate

  9. 9 DNS Service With Vultr

  10. 10 Whats Next

  11. 11 Submit Website URL To Instructor

  12. 12 Please: Provide Your Course Feedback

Lessons in Secure Your Website: Actionable Steps To Secure Your Site:

  1. 1 Course Introduction

  2. 2 Why Security First

  3. 3 Plugins

  4. 4 Download: Quick Plugin Checklist

  5. 5 Download: Plugins We Use & Others That Slow Your Site

  6. 6 Wordfence Set Up

  7. 7 Admin Best Practices

  8. 8 Automated Back-Ups

  9. 9 Download: Updraft Backups Plugin

  10. 10 Configure LetsEncrypt Certificate With Other Hosting Providers

  11. 11 Configure An SSl Certificate From A Trusted Certificate Authority

  12. 12 Optional Tool: Generate a CSR

  13. 13 Optional Tool: Decode A CSR

  14. 14 Optional Tool: Check an SSL Certificate

  15. 15 Please: Provide Your Course Feedback

Lessons in Secure Your Website: More Ways To Harden & Automate Your Security:

  1. 1 Force HTTPS With Cloudways

  2. 2 Download: Cyberduck For File Changes

  3. 3 Hide Admin Login Page

  4. 4 Website Uptime Monitor Setup

  5. 5 Auto-Update Plugins & Theme

  6. 6 Download: Auto Update Code

  7. 7 Download: Sublime Text Editor

  8. 8 Outro & THANKS

  9. 9 Please: Provide Your Course Feedback

  10. 10 Program Feedback

Lessons in More Premium Student Tools:

  1. 1 Download: Elementor For Free

  2. 2 Download: Essential Add-Ons

  3. 3 Download: Hide Admin Login Page & More With LoginPress

About Zach Forrest

Hello 👋 , I'm Zach and I have been making a living as a technical consultant since 2013. Before that I was a technology enthusiast and still today I find myself constantly learning and building solutions for government, commercial and sometimes personal projects.

I hope you benefit from the program and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

With ♥️,
Zach Forrest

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Has all the info you need for understanding the basic set up! Pretty good. Thanks!” ― Gemma Jones
“Well done! Thank you. I recommend it for all skill levels.” ― Kathy Jack
“This class exceeded my expectations!” ― Zachary Phillips
“Awesome class! Thanks for keeping it simple without going into too much detail that I don’t need.” ― Kelsey Goff
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